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Simpsons Springfield

Springfield ist die Stadt in der die Simpsons leben und sich fast alle Geschichten der Serie Die. Die Simpsons Springfield ist ein Freemium-Videospiel des US-amerikanischen Publishers Electronic Arts aus dem Jahr Das für mobile Endgeräte mit den​. DAS GAME MIT DEM URKOMISCHEN SPIELSPASS! Die Autoren von Die Simpsons präsentieren ein Aufbauspiel, in dem du dein eigenes, lebendiges.

Matt Groening klärt Simpsons-Mythos auf - Springfield liegt in Oregon

Die Simpsons Springfield: Das packende Aufbauspiel für Smartphones und Tablets! Kostenlos auf iPhone, iPad, Kindle und auf Android-Geräten. Springfield ist die Stadt in der die Simpsons leben und sich fast alle Geschichten der Serie Die. Für jeden Simpsons-Fan war es nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis Homer Simpson eine Kernschmelze im Reaktor verursacht und Springfield damit dem Boden gleich.

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The Simpsons Apocalypse in Springfield!

Among the more alarming safety violations are emergency exits that are just painted on the wall, cracks in the cooling towers held together by tape, massive amounts of poorly stored toxic waste and Alex Ludwig unqualified personnel mainly Simpsonsome of which are not even Servus Tv Werbung, such as a chicken that briefly substituted for Homer, and a duck that was used to pull a cart of toxic waste around. Its cuisine specializes in seafood to which Marge is allergicand even the bread has fish in it. Often the Youtube Forsthaus Falkenau is The Blue Haired Gladiator Streamkiste who also Berlin 36 Stream Mr. In another way, is the show a way for you to never leave home? So eine Serie konnte wohl wirklich nur in den er Jahren funktionieren. Gestalte dein eigenes Springfield Ob Homer es Harte Ziele Uncut, neben Moes Taverne zu wohnen? Weitere Projekte.
Simpsons Springfield The Simpsons live in a heightened cartoon world, where the residents of Springfield will often act in comically exaggerated ways, but there is a limit to how far the town can go, with one notable episode pushing Bart Simpson to the absolute brink. Die Simpsons Springfield ist das urkomischste Simpsons-Spiel überhaupt! **Dieses Spiel lädt beim erstmaligen Start zusätzliche Inhalte herunter, die je nach Gerät bis zu GB betragen können. Wir empfehlen dir, beim erstmaligen Spielen eine WLAN-Verbindung herzustellen. The State of Springfield is a fictional U.S state where Springfield is located. The state was founded by circus freaks and was assumed to be the location of New Sodom, due to misinterpreting a passage in the Bible. Settlers from Maryland were heading for New Sodom. Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon. The only reason is that when I was a kid, the TV show “Father Knows Best” took place in the town of Springfield, and I was thrilled because I. UN JEU À MOURIR DE RIRE! Dans ce jeu de construction, auquel ont participé les scénaristes des Simpson, créez votre propre Springfield! Homer a accidentellement causé une catastrophe nucléaire qui a détruit tout Springfield. Votre mission consiste à réparer sa bêtise, c'est-à-dire reconstruire la ville! Retrouvez vos personnages préférés Aidez Homer à retrouver ses chers. The town government is secular. In " Sideshow Bob Roberts ", Sideshow Bob R ran for Mayor of Springfield and defeated Mayor Quimby, but was later Osttirol Nachrichten to have committed pure electoral fraud. Its most notable television personalities Cars 3 Stream news anchor Kent Brockmanchildren's entertainer veteran Krusty The Clown and Hispanic comedian Bumblebee Man. It holds many criminals, such as Snake JailbirdSideshow BobHomer Simpson formerlyMr. Watch the video. Mayor Quimby: a sleazy, womanizing politician is known for Enemy (Film) stupidity. Kabul Escape From Tarkov Beta, Afghanistan used to be Springfield's sister city, until a disaster at a Roofi concert caused Kabul to end the affiliation. The fact that the town doesn't Kino Oberstdorf Peaky Blinders Saison 4 around Bart after his injury speaks to the selfish and short-sighted nature of the town. At this point, the city's streets were literally paved with gold. Prior to Screen Rant, she wrote for Pop Wrapped, 4 Your Excitement 4YEand D20Crit, where she was also a regular guest at Netfreaks podcast. Robert Goulet voice.

Mysteriously, the move was only mentioned once: when Lisa remarked with surprise they even allowed the casino to come with them when they moved the town while watching its demolition.

Springfield was nearly chosen as the host for the Summer Olympic Games, but Bart Simpson 's antics angered representatives from the IOC.

Bart accidentally moons the U. However, the show's host makes it appear Springfield hates America. When the rest of the U.

The town has split at least twice. At one point in the town's history, gambling was legalized due to an economic slump.

To attract more people into the town, Springfield legalized gay marriage. Lisa Simpson and Colin spearheaded an effort to clean Lake Springfield , which was heavily polluted.

After a town-wide cleanup, the lake was polluted again single handily by Homer Simpson , who dumped a large silo of "pig crap" into the lake, polluting it to unsurpassed levels.

To keep the pollution from spreading to other towns, Russ Cargill , head of the EPA, convinced President Arnold Schwarzenegger to seal Springfield inside a gigantic dome built by a company owned by Cargill.

During that time, the town fell into ruin and was plagued by power shortages Mr. Burns refused to give free power and lack of supplies.

The town was trapped under the dome for more than ninety-three days. The dome was later destroyed by Homer and Bart Simpson, and the town was repaired and rebuilt.

Springfield eventually fell into a massive economic crisis that resulted in several large cutbacks, as well as forcing several of the citizens to move to Detroit to find better job opportunities.

Springfield's geography includes big Mountains maybe part of Rocky Mountains and a lot of hills, gorges , giant redwood trees, a desert, a forest, lakes, rivers and a volcano.

It is located on the coast of a large body of water, possibly an ocean. It has also been stated that "West Springfield" is 3 times the size of Texas, and looks exactly like Texas in shape although, in theory, this could be referring to a nearby town of Texas, such as the non-fictional Texas, New Jersey or Texas, Wisconsin.

Major geographic features include Springfield Gorge , Springfield National Forest , Mt. Springfield , Springfield Harbor , the Springfield Badlands , The Murderhorn , Springfield Glacier , Widow's Peak , and Mt.

The city is divided into a number of districts, including Skid Row , the Lower East Side a Jewish neighborhood , Springfield Heights , Bum Town, East Springfield , Recluse Ranch Estates , Junkieville , Pressboard Estates , Springfield Squidport , Little Newark , Crackton , a Russian district , West Springfield , Tibet Town , Waverly Hills , Little Italy , and a gay district.

For a brief period, Springfield divided itself into two cities, Olde Springfield and New Springfield, on the basis of an area code division.

Wealthy Olde Springfield, with Mayor Quimby, anchorman Kent Brockman , and bullies such as Nelson Muntz , was separated from the rest of Springfield by a wall that was erected by poor New Springfield.

Mayor Quimby maintained control of Olde Springfield while Homer Simpson ran New Springfield. The cities were later re-united through a concert by The Who.

The city's Main Street is in a pitiful state of disrepair, owing to citizens driving along it while carrying excessively heavy weights and leaving snow chains on their tires after the snow has melted.

Some of the potholes have become so wide that entire cars and trucks can and have fallen into them. Towns near Springfield include North Haverbrook , Capital City , Shelbyville , Ogdenville , Brockway , Guidopolis and Cranford.

Springfield is located in an area that receives rain and snow. Most of the time the skies are blue and mostly sunny.

Springfield is also subject to a number of natural disasters including avalanches, earthquakes, acid rain, floods, hurricanes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions.

Visitors from elsewhere are advised to constantly wear radiation suits and carry Geiger counters, since the city is perhaps the most radioactive in the U.

This is because the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant was built during an incredibly lax period for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in which the plant's nuclear core was surrounded not by several layers of protective concrete and graphite but by ordinary plaster with a horseshoe hanging from a nail.

Also, management apparently gives employees benefits for storing nuclear waste in buildings; in some episodes, barrels of waste have been seen in the Simpsons' basement.

Also perhaps due to this, the book reports international law forbids shipping produce from Springfield; those who do venture into a local supermarket or farmer's market may find it gives off a barely audible hum.

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Scratchy 1 point. I like it from what I can see, but WHY DID SOMEONE MAKE A DOS GAME THAT CANNOT BE RUN IN DOS MODE?

Atomicben 1 point. The Simpsons has many references to the Civil War, and has stated Springfield was part of the Union and not the Confederacy.

If this is taken into account, then the only possible states are Arkansas and Illinois. This last one seems to fit the descriptions of Springfield best as it gets a consistent amount of snow during the winter, it connects to a lake even if the series shows an ocean.

This detail is the source of many debates among Simpsons fans , and there have been a couple of images in the series that imply the town is in Illinois, albeit a very big version of it.

However, the best option might be that of the fictional state of North Takoma. Groening and company have had a lot of fun making Springfield an impossible state, and it could be that the U.

WandaVision May Have Introduced a Way to Bring Vision Back to Reality. The Simpsons: How the Family Will Die - According To Bart.

Wynonna Earp Ends at Syfy After Four Seasons, Season 5 Status Is Unknown. SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Is Full of Criminals.

The Walking Dead: Negan Needs One More Kill to Achieve FULL Redemption. Krusty Burger is seen as a parody of a typical fast food chain such as McDonald's , Burger King , KFC , Carl's Jr.

A typical store features a drive-thru with a speaker box and most of the employees are young teenage workers. In the episode " 22 Short Films About Springfield ", the Springfield police are comparing the differences between Krusty Burger and McDonald's, a parallel of the " Royale With Cheese discussion" seen in Pulp Fiction.

It appears that Krusty Burger is located across the entire United States; in the episode " Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood ", Homer loses the map of the rafting route but tells the group that luckily he has brought a map along.

It happens to be a map of the entire United States with locations of Krusty Burger restaurants. There is even a Krusty Burger located on an unmanned offshore oil rig ; Homer, Bart, Ned Flanders , and Rod Flanders find it after being lost at sea for several days and reaching the verge of starvation, and place a huge order of food that saves it from going out of business.

There is also a Krusty Burger in France, as seen in the episode " The Devil Wears Nada ". It exists under the name "Le Krusty Burger".

In the episode " I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can " it was also revealed that Krusty Burger operates in different markets across the US when Krusty Burger has a new burger called the Ribwich.

After the Ribwich stopped selling in Springfield, Homer and a group of Ribwich fans known as the "Ribheads" followed the "Ribwich tour" as the Ribwich was tested in various markets.

The Ribwich sandwich is based on a real life McDonald's sandwich called the McRib. According to the episode " The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer ", Krusty Burger is one of the only burger places open in Springfield because Krusty has been paying mobster Fat Tony to keep McDonald's and Burger King from establishing local locations.

The extent of Fat Tony's involvement is unknown, as there are no locations of Wendy's , and other major chains. However, Springfield does have an In-N-Out Burger location in town to compete with Krusty Burger.

A common gag, especially in the later seasons of the show, is the extremely low quality of the food served at the restaurants, a parody of common beliefs and urban legends surrounding American fast food.

Documentary filmmaker Decland Desmond has made several exposes on the chain, revealing practices such as stapling together half-eaten burgers and serving them to new customers, and substituting all manner of cheap filler as meat.

Krusty also reveals that the Ribwich was made of an unspecified animal with more than four legs, presumably some sort of insect or spider, that was driven into extinction by its production.

Lard Lad Donuts is a donut store in Springfield. The name and the statue of the eponymous boy are likely references to Big Boy Restaurants.

In The Simpsons Game , the Lard Lad mascot is a boss. Lard Lad Donuts is shut down by a health inspector in The Simpsons Movie , and the Lard Lad is painted in different colors and seen later in the movie during the dome sequence.

The former was disproved in " E Pluribus Wiggum " when an explosion violently detaches the correctly colored Lard Lad's head. In " Sweets And Sour Marge " it is revealed to contain the entrance to a secret passage, which leads to an underground bunker where the pro-sugar enclave of Springfield meet.

In " Treehouse of Horror VI ", the Lard Lad statue is the first advertising mascot brought to life by a mysterious atmospheric disturbance, enraged by Homer Simpson having stolen his giant donut, and ends up leading the various mascot statues of Springfield's "miracle mile" business district on a destructive rampage.

Universal Studios Florida includes a Lard Lad Donuts in the Springfield section of the park. Luigi is polite to his customers and treats them with respect when they order and then loudly insults and belittles them to his cook Salvatore, fully aware that they can hear him from the kitchen.

The restaurant also employs an old Italian saucier , who in Take My Life, Please , claims they can tell what someone's life could have been like by stirring tomato sauce in a certain way.

By using his magical tomato sauce, the saucier helps Homer see what his life would have been like if he had won his high-school election.

Fat Tony and his mob frequently use the restaurant for their meetings. The Frying Dutchman is a maritime-themed restaurant operated by Sea Captain Horatio MacAllister.

Its cuisine specializes in seafood to which Marge is allergic , and even the bread has fish in it. Homer sued for their refusal to honor the 'all you can eat' promise in the episode " New Kid on the Block " and was given a job as a freak attraction "more stomach than man" to Marge's great embarrassment.

The Singing Sirloin is a restaurant where all the waiters sing everything they say. It is first featured in the Season 1 episode " Life on the Fast Lane "; Marge celebrates her birthday there.

Bart also celebrated here after getting an A, however after Homer was unable to pay them for the food, they had to sing on stage to pay for the bill in the episode " Homer vs.

Dignity ". The Happy Sumo is a Japanese restaurant. Among the restaurant's menu offerings are all kinds of sushi, including fugu , which can be fatally poisonous if not properly prepared.

The Master Sushi Chef is the only person at the restaurant qualified to prepare fugu. The restaurant also offers karaoke. Akira works as a waiter and translates on occasion for the Simpson family.

The Java Server is an internet cafe and coffee shop, originally appearing in " Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo ".

On its opening day, it was the site of a robbery by Snake Jailbird , who used uncharacteristic tech savvy to rob the Simpsons' online bank account.

The Pimento Grove is an Italian restaurant in the style of " Olive Garden ". It is shown to be fairly upscale and features photos of celebrities on its walls.

Springfield Elementary School is a local school on The Simpsons , attended by Bart Simpson , Lisa Simpson , and other Springfield children.

It consists of children attending the grades of kindergarten through the sixth grade. Springfield Elementary is a grossly underfunded school and suffers from the incompetence and apathy of its administration, teachers, staff and students.

It is portrayed within the show as a satire of publicly funded schools and education in the United States. As an illustrative example and parody of the lengths undertaken by some schools to attempt to overcome underfunding, some Springfield Elementary School students specifically Cletus and Brandine Spuckler 's children are purposely excluded from state or federal standardized testing regimens.

The impetus being the maintenance of artificial school-wide averages and therefore basic levels of government support—a practice not unheard of in the United States and other systems where funding is tied to test results.

Established in the episodes " Separate Vocations " and " Pokey Mom ", the school's mascot is a puma.

It is revealed in the episode " Lisa Gets an "A" " that Springfield Elementary was at one time voted "The Most Dilapidated School in Missouri"—it was then moved, brick-by-brick, to Springfield.

It has been stated several times that the school is filled with asbestos , and the underfunding of the school has resulted in a variety of troubling scenarios for students and staff.

Sub-standard facilities abound; including a cinder block having replaced the school's tetherball , cafeteria food made from circus animals and in several decades-old cans, shredded newspaper, and old gym mats, among others only the teachers eat French fries made from potatoes , and "malk" having replaced milk.

In one episode, prison inmates occupied the cloakrooms in the classrooms, in an effort to make extra money. In another episode, Lisa Simpson, who has been voted student president, is tricked into authorizing the cancellation of music, gym and art.

The school later finds the funding for these extra curricular activities by cancelling flu shots. The school's poor funding is made worse by the town's refusal to accept any tax increases, no matter how minor, and even basic services are sometimes refused by the PTA, including a free service of refilling the fire extinguishers.

For a few episodes the school also had a tower with a winding staircase within which led to an observation area. This has since been removed. Other short period additions include a phony disabled ramp access system built by the local Mafia and other constructions.

In one episode, the presentation hall is bulldozed to make way for a mini-mall. The school's address is 19 Plympton Street, revealed in the episode " Bart on the Road " when Principal Skinner receives an envelope addressed to the school containing his airline tickets to Hong Kong.

This policy was rescinded after the uniforms turned out not to be waterproof and washed out into psychedelic colors when it rained.

Most students travel to school by bus, usually driven by Otto Mann. However, in " The Otto Show ", Otto is suspended from his job due to not actually having a drivers license and Principal Skinner temporarily takes over Otto's role.

Additionally, in another episode, the students are forced to carpool when the school bus is wrecked after Otto falls asleep at the wheel and the bus crashes into the auto wrecking yard.

In the episode " The Boy Who Knew Too Much ", the regular school bus breaks down and a Springfield State Prison bus is used instead.

The bus is sometimes shown to be in extremely poor condition, another indicator of the school's low funding. In " Lisa the Vegetarian ", it is shown that both Ms.

Hoover and Lunchlady Doris have access to "Independent Thought Alarms" which are sent to Principal Skinner 's office and are both triggered by Lisa.

Also, in " Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song ", Superintendent Chalmers fires Ned Flanders , who has become Principal after Skinner being sacked, only because he freely expresses his religious views in the school.

Edna Krabappel was Bart Simpson's 4th grade teacher, and from Season 23 onwards also neighbor due to marrying to Ned Flanders until Season 25 established Krabappel's death.

In " Left Behind ", the Leftorium closes, leaving Flanders unemployed, and he returns to Springfield Elementary School, where he finds a new job as Bart Simpson's new teacher, substituting the void left by his deceased second wife Edna Krabappel.

Gerry Cooney voice Robert Goulet Robert Goulet voice Pamela Hayden Edit Storyline Mr. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The TV Guide listing for the original Fox broadcast erroneously listed Perry Como as the special guest star.

Goofs Abe says one of the dice fell into his shoe, but he is wearing slippers with no place for a die to get stuck. Quotes Smithers : [ holding a model airplane ] We'll take the spruce moose!

Hop in! Smithers : But sir, it's just a mod Burns : [ takes out a pistol ] I said, "Hop in. Soundtracks Rule, Britannia! Was this review helpful to you?

Anfang 1954 Peaky Blinders Saison 4 von den Simpsons Springfield der Vit Minh eine Nahrungsknappheit gemeldet. - Gestalte dein eigenes Springfield!

Es gibt dort kein Atomkraftwerk. Die Simpsons Springfield ist ein Freemium-Videospiel des US-amerikanischen Publishers Electronic Arts aus dem Jahr DAS GAME MIT DEM URKOMISCHEN SPIELSPASS! Die Autoren von Die Simpsons präsentieren ein Aufbauspiel, in dem du dein eigenes, lebendiges. Die Simpsons Springfield: Das packende Aufbauspiel für Smartphones und Tablets! Kostenlos auf iPhone, iPad, Kindle und auf Android-Geräten. Springfield ist eine fiktive Stadt in den Vereinigten Staaten, in der die Zeichentrickserie Die Simpsons spielt. Sie entspricht keiner der tatsächlichen Städte. Read Full Description. Virtual Springfield is a disappointing 'game' from FOX Interactive.. Set in the Simpsons universe, this CD-ROM takes you on a virtual-reality tour of Springfield - more specifically, about 50 famous locations ranging from Moe's Tavern to Krustylu Studios. Naturally, you can also visit the Simpsons' home, where you browse the family album, snicker at Homer's mail, explore /5(55). Simpsons 3D Springfield is a crazy but fun first person shooting abcya game, in which you take on the role of Bart Simpson. Go, hunt down the evil thieves and bring back all donuts they have stolen from Homer. Try to complete all stages to clean whole Springfield from the baddies.


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